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Welcome to Oklahoma WEIGHT LOSS Options, the SURGICAL & MEDICAL Weight Loss Program of Dr. RONNIE KEITH!

Why Choose Dr. Keith?

Safety, Outcomes and Experience! Ours is a nationally accredited, multi-disciplinary program formed in 2001. Our philosophy is to deliver services to all patients that qualify for their selected procedure. We are the only program in the state that since the beginning has accepted the higher risk patients. We have provided surgical benefit to potential heart, liver and kidney transplant patients so they may meet their goals to have the transplant procedure. Even with the higher risk patients, our safety and outcomes EXCEED national averages.

Patient Education:

Beginning with our seminars, we expect our patients to be Interactive in the pre-operative process. From the beginning we will promote "WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY IS NOT A DIET, IT IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE"

Patient Evaluation and Preparation:

We have a team of specialized medical professionals, not just the surgeon, BUT A TEAM, that will evaluate and educate each patient. Behavioral specialists, Dietitians and Medical specialists will together help prepare you for a safe well-informed surgery and to provide the best opportunity to succeed after the surgery.

CENTER of EXCELLENCE Facility & Providers:

Norman Regional Hospital is nationally recognized as a "Center of Excellence" hospital for weight loss surgery. ALL patient OUTCOMES are reported to a national accrediting agency and then compared to other programs. We always rank near the top for SAFETY!

The other measure of quality is site/surgeon education for other programs. Dr. Keith goes to other facilities to assist with their starting or adding weight loss surgery to their service line. Additionally, surgeons come to Norman and observe Dr Keith perform surgeries and always, ALWAYS, comment on the efficiency and quality of care provided in the operating room.

Winter Bathe` PA-C, has been part of our team for over eight years and has presented regional workshops as well as taught visiting physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners the art and science of "AFTERCARE" of the LapBand patient. She has performed over 9,000 band adjustments and is an exceptional educator to our patients.


We DO NOT LIMIT THE OPPORTUNITY for surgery because of insurance benefits you have. We and Norman Regional Hospital accept almost ALL insurances that provide weight loss benefits; We also offer the MOST COMPETITIVE self-pay options, if you do not have insurance coverage for weight loss surgery. We accept:

• Aetna • Blue Cross/Blue Shield • Cigna
• Coventry • First Health • MEDICARE
• Tricare • United • Others...


are necessary to achieve long term success. Unlike gallbladder surgery, where we treat you, see you and say "bye", your follow-up with our qualified team will help you to reach your goals safely and with enjoyment. Participation in support groups, follow-ups on schedule and working with the team will increase the likelihood of success.

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Weight Loss Seminars

OWLO provides weekly seminars in Norman, Oklahoma and "satellite seminars" in other locations throughout Oklahoma. Visit our seminars page or fill out the form below:

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Center of Excellence

RONNIE KEITH, D.O. (surgeon), OKlahoma WEIGHT LOSS OPtions (program) and NORMAN Regional Hospital (facility) have each earned recognition as CENTER of EXCELLENCE by the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

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